Notturno is a collective project born in Genoa by the jazz trumpeter Roby Nappi Calcagno, the producer and geek musician Filo Q and the sound engineer and producer Emanuele Cioncoloni, owner of StudioE RecordingLab. Nocturne is the alchemy between jazz soft and smokey atmospheres and a smooth electronic coming from the underground scene. The sound oh the trumpet is broken by warm and beating rhythms lost themselves in dub echoes and recomposing in ’70s rhodes and synth patterns. All with the ligurian riviera taste of cocktails, lounge bar and cigarettes, his clubbing nights and the sunrises waited on the beach. Nocturne is a journey just begun in the atmospheres of soft “Riviera” nightclubbing.

Filo Q – Composer: synth, sequencer, keyboards
Roby Nappi Calcagno – Arranger: trumpet, fx
Emi Cioncoloni – Post production/Mix: bass, drum loop, fx


Italianway music

Recording, mix, mastering, music production

Electro, lounge, jazz

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