minimal whale

minimal whale

Minimal Whale are:
David Avanzini: bass, tenor sax, backing vocals
Nicola Magri: drums, lead vocals
Matteo Orlandi: guitars, backing vocals

Guest Musicians:
Agostino Macor: keyboards, synthesizers, rhodes
Giorgio Gatti: guitar solo on Cage
Emanuele Cioncoloni: bass on Lay Down
Modus: loops and soundscapes on Cage and 8 Blind Steps

Lyrics by:
Minimal Whale, Ester Armanino, Bjorn Giordano
except “Virginia’s Whale” freely adapted from “The Waves” by Virginia Wolf.
The “transcend the senses” quote remix in “8 blind steps” is freely adapted
from a public speech by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Produced by:
Minimal Whale

Cover photo by Davide Pambianchi (
Graphics by Stefano Bozzetta, Minimal Whale, Emanuele Cioncoloni



Recording, mix, mastering, music production, artwork

Alternative rock

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